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Our Voting System

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

So, we’ve just had MEP elections. It took us almost 4 days to elect 6 candidates because we use a system Adam would scoff at. So Mr X gets a quota of votes… Mr X’s number 2s are passed on to Ms W, Mr H, Ms A, Ms T, Mr H, Mr E, and Mr F. So what about the 2s that followed the 1s that made up Mr X’s quota? Sounds like some 35,000 of us voted 2-99 in vain!

Couldn’t we all just tick 6 candidates we want representing us up there and let the candidates with most votes win? Surely that wouldn’t take 4 days! Not with all that staff anyway. That would truly ensure that the candidates with most votes are elected. 1st Preference (weighted) votes should only count if 1 person is being elected. With 6 of them being elected to equal stature, you need to elect 6, regardless of who you want most.

Couldn’t we then perhaps be given the option to vote online? Let only those who aren’t computer literate (and who trust nobody to help them out) vote manually. That would cut out counting time, as well as expenses to fly all eligible voters back from Timbuctoo

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