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Updated: Dec 12, 2021

In a local newspaper last week, I saw a half-page notice advising the public of a consultancy meeting being held for the general public by the Commission for the Holistic Reform of the Justice System. The notice said that the public was welcome to submit its views by e-mail or phone, and more importantly to attend the meeting.

In the interest of the fact that I plan to spend the rest of my career as a forensic psychologist, I felt the need to go to the meeting, and perhaps, given the chance, to air one or two of my own views, which after all, are not my own, but observations that I have gathered from the work I have done in the field so far. My views are many, but those are best left to another blog post.

Judging by the amount of comments made daily on every article about the courts in every newspaper website Malta has to offer, I figured that I would not have the chance to speak.

On the contrary, there were a total of 20 people at this meeting, four of whom were there to speak, and two of those spoke of personal issues, which defied the purpose of the meeting. You’d think the entire country was satisfied with the way the criminal justice system operates. Where are all the keyboard cowboys when they are asked to do something about their complaints?!

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