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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh




Gail Debono

MPPB Warr.No.176(Malta) BPS Char. No. 451844(UK)

Gail Debono is a Senior Forensic Psychologist, EMDR Therapist, and a Senior Humanist Celebrant. She practices psychology full time at the national Correctional Facility and part time in private practice. She specialises in trauma, most especially in the link between deep seated and complex trauma and current behaviour patterns. She is currently reading an M.Phil for a PhD on trauma-informed criminal justice systems at the University of Malta. She is also President of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists. Gail is a guest lecturer for the Psychology Department of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, at the Universiy of Malta; she is also field supervisor for the Correctional Services Agency segment of the practicum required for the fulfilment of the same degree. 

Gail is also a Senior Humanist Celebrant, operating under the auspices of the Malta Humanist Association. She conducts Weddings, Funerals, and Baby Naming Ceremonies in Maltese and English. 



Malta Chamber of Psychologists

Gail was elected onto the committee of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists in 2021. The chamber represents the psychology profession in Malta, and represents Maltese psychology worldwide. 


Board Member

Celebrants Rep 

Celebrants Sub Committee Chair
Malta Humanist Association

Gail has served on the committee of the Malta Humanist Association since 2015, and has been a Humanist Celebrant since then. The MHA is Malta's Representation of Humanists, representing Humanists locally and on international level. 


Executive Secretary

EMDR Association of Malta

EMDR Association of Malta is the regulator of EMDR therapy in Malta, also representing Malta within EMDR Europe. Gail has been serving as Executive Secretary of the Association since 2020. 


Range Safety Staff

Direct Action Shooting Academy (DASA)

Direct Action Shooting Academy provides detailed instruction in a safe environment for the manipulation of firearms for dynamic and sporting shooting. Gail has been serving as Range Safety Staff (RSS) on Team DASA since 2018. 

Public Roles

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