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Gail Debono 

Msc For.Psy.(Kent)B.Psy(Hons)(Melit).C.Psychol.
MPPB Warr. No 176(Malta); BPS Char. No. 451844 (UK)

Gail Debono is a Forensic Psychologist and a Humanist Celebrant. She practices psychology full time at the national Correctional Facility and part time in private practice. She speciliases in the processing of trauma and is currently awaiting her EMDR therapy accreditation. She is currently President of the Malta Chamber of Psychologists. Gail is also guest lecturer for the Masters in Forensic Psychology stream within the Psychology Department of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, at the Universiy of Malta; she is also field supervisor for the Correctional Services Agency segment of the practicum required for the fulfilment of the same degree. Ms Debono currently supervises Bachelor degree dissertations, and is herself in the first stages of reading an M.Phil for a PhD, both at the University of Malta. 

Gail is also a Humanist Celebrant, operating under the auspices of the Malta Humanist Association. She conducts Weddings, Funerals, and Baby Naming Ceremonies in Maltese and English. 


Personal Life

Although passionate about her life and career, Gail's time is best spent with her family. She is mother of one, and bonus mum to two, together with her partner Michael. She is a lover of books, languages, and cultures, having lived in a few countries so far; music - both classical as she plays the piano herself, and rock, most especially grunge. She makes it a point to attend as many live concerts as she can, most especially those of the Foo Fighters. Gail also has a passion for rugby (watching not playing!), scuba diving, and shooting guns! Her artistry comes in the form of capturing beauty on her phone, rendering her photo collection the best possible advert for Malta; writing...which she has so far chosen not to publish; and tattoos, of which she has a few, and counting! She is also passionate about the environment, and does her part by attending many cleanups - organised and not; planting trees; sponsoring rescue efforts for injured wildlife; and supporting various other environmental organisations. 


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