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Ignorant Sensationalist Propoganda

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Dear Racist posting on social media about your glorious country and its people,

Stop spreading hate, particularly if you have no knowledge of what you are talking about. You’re shunning a fellow human for a utopia that exists solely in your head. Migration has existed since the beginning of time. Religion has not. Countries have not. The place where you’re born does not determine whether you’re an arsehole or not. Your thoughts and actions do. if you’re Maltese, chances are you’re 3 or less generations away from migrants. Our fathers’ fathers and their brothers fled to the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK and hell knows where else. We integrated. Because we were allowed to. We’re now prosperous in each of the countries we went to.

You’re against integration. Do you even know what integration means? Non-integrated migrants form their own little communities where they can feel like they belong, excluding people who do not belong. It’s human nature. You would too. You already do, every day, in the festa, and your all-perfect home town or village that is far superior to the others. Non-integrated migrants do not feel like they belong to the country they’re in and therefore do not take ownership of it. Nor do they take pride in it. Non-integrated migrants are left to fend for themselves, and yes, they employ every means necessary to do so. You would too. Non-integration is what happened to the UK. And you’re using the UK as a reason why you do not want integration. Your solution, rather than integration, is to send them back to where they fled from; and you have the gall to call them jungle animals?

Photos taken out of context to show a migrant leaving a country, which we all know is at war, now joining ISIS. Stop it. ISIS were born out of hatred and division. You’re doing nothing but fuelling that which they stand for, and you are not even a political activist doing something to stop them. You are a keyboard warrior hiding behind your computer screen who knows nothing of world politics except for ‘they black or muslim, they bad’. If ISIS wants to come to Europe, it will come to Europe. End of. There are many more means by which people travel. Easier means than risking life and limb on a rickety wooden structure to cross the Mediterranean. Stop buying into propaganda and stand up for what you truly believe is right, because if you have an ounce of humanity in you, the same humanity you claim others don’t have, then you will realise that this could be you, and your children and their children fleeing for your lives.

Before you go calling immigration police… that’s Ice Cube.

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