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Riding the Gravy Train Heading to Whine-Upon-Welfare State

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Opening inewsmalta this morning I came across this article:

Then I read the comments underneath. You’d think they’d be about the article… they’re not… they’re a blame fest on this government vs the last one. A tug of war if you will on whether or not shortcomings in this or that governmental department may still be blamed on previous government or whether this government has now had enough time to sprinkle its gold dust over the country and turn it into what they both promised it would be. Oh and the tirades on how Malta is a third world country ( I guarantee you the author of this gem has never set foot in one), and how the service is worse than ever (yup! you read that right! Worse than when we had cockroaches running around us at the old hospital – under both governments!), oh and my favourite one, on how illegal immigrants are now getting better social services than the Maltese! I love this one! Apparently they get served before at Mater Dei! PS. I invite the author of this one to trade places with an illegal immigrant needing medical assistance for just half a day. What ignorance! Talk about missing the wood for the trees.

I have been to Mater Dei gynae outpatients countless times these past 7 months. Never was the service less than brilliant. Yet every time we were there, there was some self-entitled wise-arse who thought that they should be receiving better treatment than everybody else in there, There’s always one who decides the system is way beneath their expectations! One woman complained that they should allow for more than 1 family member to enter the ward with the patient in the same breath as she was saying that the place was too crowded! I suppose she wanted to be the one holding her daughter’s hand during her 4D ultrasound rather than her daughter’s husband. Every time you get some old ignorant hag complaining in there, regardless of the validity of her argument, you always have the village gossip 3 seats down wanting something to complain about to the village idiots at the ‘grocers’ when she gets home.

The incident this article is about was an unfortunate one, but definitely not your everyday occurrence and definitely not one for the papers, Either that, or I indeed get better treatment than everybody else! Rather than trying to look for things to dramatise and whine about, why don’t we praise our staff and make sure they get the encouragement they need to do a better job? Because then we’d have nothing to whine about, that’s why!

We will not move forward as a country until we all learn to put our own agendas and prejudices aside, and push forward for the good of the country, and nothing and nobody else. And please…that doesn’t mean that you twist your own agenda around to prove it benefits the country!

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