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TRY - Together Reheal Yourself

Helping one another stand up from every tackle.

A facebook- based support group built around the rugby community in Malta. Our aim is simply to be there for one another - not just on the pitch and the stands, but in those moment in between games and training too. The group shares information on mental illness and related light hearted rugby issues.

We all need help from time to time and the more ears ready to listen the more chance of helping someone we love or respect. Far too many feel they may be alone so please enjoy the group and share any helpful information and events that may be of interest. No one needs to feel alone.

TRY was the idea of Mick Scholey, (Malta's first ever international try scorer! Had to be said.), He roped in fellow ex-Malta International Steve Lyons; ex-Malta RFU Committee Member and International Fixture Organising Committee Chair Gail Debono; and Malta Rugby Referee Sam Ramage who built the project together. They then added Tony Sammut to the fray and the group still stands as is!

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